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Zoho enters strategic partnership with TCS to support large businesses

Zoho enters strategic partnership with TCS to support large businesses
Zoho enters strategic partnership with TCS to support large businesses

Zoho, a software development company, has recently entered a strategic partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The deal is geared towards offering superior IT Service Management, Customer Relationship Management, and e-Commerce solutions and subsequently supporting large businesses.

The deal will merge the comprehensive product portfolio of Zoho with the decade-long experience & domain expertise of TCS in technology-led consulting & business integration services. Additionally, it will help the two companies drive global organizational growth through the robust technology alignment with the business goals, greater operational efficiency, and transparency across solutions.

TCS has been serving diverse clients as a trusted integrator and consultant for enterprise businesses, enabling them to improve customer experience via its capabilities in marketing, design, CX strategy, insights, sales, and service transportation. By combining the unified data model of Zoho and the technical & industry expertise of TCS, various organizations will be able to deliver enhanced customer experiences by leveraging their seamless and innovative capabilities.

Zoho’s diverse portfolio of over 45 applications is built on a technology stack to integrate services including powerful analytics, unified search, AI, and others across all applications, offering an unparalleled value to customers while solving complex integration challenges.

According to Zoho Corporation’s CEO & Co-founder, Sridhar Vembu, TCS implements a business-led approach to consulting & enterprise transformation. The company shares the same approach with TCS, delivering a vertically-integrated platform of services and business applications. According to Vembu, the company is confident that the extensive reach of TCS can influence enterprise organizations across the globe and help gain the benefits of its world-class applications and deep technology stack.

TCS’s Global Head of Customer Experience Management, Aarti Devi, has reportedly stated that the company is thrilled to partner with Zoho to continuously help customers pursue new growth opportunities and innovation.

In collaboration with TCS, Zoho will enable enterprise organizations worldwide to gain operational efficiency, realize new revenue opportunities, as well as boost business advancements in the remote or in-office working environments.

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