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Sprout Health Solutions rebrands itself to offer better patient support

Sprout Health Solutions rebrands itself to offer better patient support
Sprout Health Solutions rebrands itself to offer better patient support

As per the trusted sources, U.K.-based consultancy firm, Sprout Health Solutions, which was previously known as Sprout Behaviour Change, has rebranded itself and launched two new service divisions for better reflection of its work in patient support and drug development. The announcement comes year after the company expanded its reach in the U.S. markets.

The company is now organized into two divisions, namely, Sprout Behavior Change and Sprout Health Outcomes, sources claimed. The former will use a real-world strategy in order to develop targeted education as well as to support interventions that offer scalable solutions for various treatments.

Meanwhile, Sprout Health Outcomes will provide COA (clinical outcome assessment) and a regulatory expertise to aid the company clients while selecting and supporting patient-centric endpoints during study trials.

In this context, Dr. Eliasson was reported saying that there is a dynamic synergy between the two divisions and will offer unique advantages to various pharma companies during their respective trials. She further added that their expertise in clinical outcomes assessments has increased the company’s ability of measuring relevant results, as well as growing likelihood for peer-reviewed publication.

Sprout Health’s innovative behavior science strategy will also allow for better understanding of their patients, caregivers as well as HCPs, who play a key role during patient-focused drug development, Dr. Eliasson claimed.

PhD, CPsychol, and co-founder of Sprout Health, Lina Eliasson, mentioned that the company has always focused on behavioral science in order to improve patient outcomes. She further mentioned that the rebranding will ensure a patient-focused and result-oriented approach in order to streamline drug development and to offer better healthcare services. 

For those uninitiated, Sprout Health Solutions is a consultancy firm that specializes in behavior science as well as patient outcomes. Founded by Dr. Eliasson in 2017, the company comprise of highly trained academic experts who specialize in complications associated with drug development.

Evidently, Sprout Health has also designed a person-centered program for better health as well as regulatory success across the globe.

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