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Zenvia announces acquisition Sirena to expand in Latin America

Zenvia announces acquisition Sirena to expand in Latin America
Zenvia announces acquisition Sirena to expand in Latin America

Zenvia, the Brazil-based mobile services company that simplifies the relationship between consumers and companies, has reportedly acquired start-up Sirena to expand its footprint in Latin America.

For the record, Sirena is established in 2016 and has approximately 700 customers in more than 30 nations and raised USD 2.8 million in investment in 2018. The company offers communication solutions for sales teams using WhatsApp.

Speaking on the acquisition, Cassio Bobsin, CEO of Zenvia stated that the acquisition strengthens the company’s communication platform by transforming into a solution a common issue to the sales team, which is the use of personal WhatsApp to connect with consumers.

Zenvia's cutting-edge technology enables it to adopt channels like WhatsApp, Voice, SMS at any time during the consumer’s journey, in an automated and integrated way with companies’ management and systems.

Sources cite that the integration of Sirena’s solution and Zenvia’s platform will enable the sales team to start using a complete app, which combines communication and sales management, instead of using personal WhatsApp for communicating with customers.

This acquisition equips Zenvia with solutions for marketing, sales, and consumer service through WhatsApp, allowing it to send notifications, chatbots developments, management of service queues, and automation of interaction flows, integration with other systems, lead qualification and consumer support.  

Sources cite that this acquisition brings 55 people to the Zenvia team, totaling over 350 employees spread across Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. It also complements the company’s customer portfolio, which consists of over eight thousand small, medium, and large scale companies, by adding around 700 customers across the globe.

Lautaro Schiaffino and Miguel Morkin, COO, and CEO of Sirena respectively said that Sirena’s goal is to streamline the communication via WhatsApp between customers and companies.

They added that integrating Sirena’s knowledge in the Latam market with Zenvia’s international expansion would provide customers with the best WhatsApp Business API service in the market.

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