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Wiwynn to showcase rack-level cooling solution at OCP Virtual Summit

Wiwynn to showcase rack-level cooling solution at OCP Virtual Summit
Wiwynn to showcase rack-level cooling solution at OCP Virtual Summit

Wiwynn, a cloud-enabling service company, will reportedly showcase its standalone, rack-level, cutting-edge liquid cooling solution with the next-gen OCP (Open Compute Project) server. This will significantly address the rising demand for compute density and high-power consumption for AI, cloud computing, and HPC. The company will showcase this cooling solution during the OCP Virtual Summit 2020, from May 12th-15th.

The company has been planning to develop these cooling solutions by working with various hyperscale data center operators. Its advanced liquid cooling solution enables the usage of a high-power component at the L10 level as well as supports nearly 36kW per rack. In order to cool the liquid, the system uses the rear door heat exchanger, which transfers the heat of CPU, GPU, ASIC, and other high-power components from cold plates. This enables an increased high-power systems adoption by data center operators to obtain efficient cooling with reduced entry barriers.

The new design will support Open Compute Project ORV3 (Open Rack Standard V3) spec and is backward compatible with Open Compute Project ORV2. The blind mate QD (Quick Disconnect), independent cooling control system with rack level, and easy cold plate designs assembly can enhance management and serviceability.

According to Dr. Sunlai Chang, Wiwynn’s CTO and Senior VP, there has been a rising power consumption in the data center IT systems Y-o-Y for AI and cloud applications. The company is excited to launch its rack-level liquid cooling solution to aid data centers in tackling this rising power density, while offering enhanced management and serviceability with no infrastructure changes.

Steve Mills, Facebook’s Mechanical Engineer, stated that the social media company is excited to work with its partner, Wiwynn, to offer a novel solution with high cooling efficiency to data centers. The new design will lead to the expansion of ORV3 to high power density applications & accelerate liquid cooling adoption, by leveraging the OCP development experience of Wiwynn.

Wiwynn and Facebook will reveal details regarding the new cooling solution at the OCP US Summit.

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