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Ware2Go unveils new partnership & integration deal with Google Shopping

Ware2Go unveils new partnership & integration deal with Google Shopping
Ware2Go unveils new partnership & integration deal with Google Shopping

Ware2Go, a UPS company helping merchants to conveniently deliver products to end customers, has reportedly announced a new e-commerce partnership and integration deal with Google Shopping. The integration would show free and fast delivery promises in merchants’ Google ads, which is based on real-time inventory availability in fulfillment network of Ware2Go. These notations would help merchants in optimizing ad efficiency by utilizing Google Shopping. This would propel revenue by advertising free, fast shipping offers at an early stage in the buyer’s journey, counting the initial product research through Google Search.

Steve Denton, CEO, Ware2Go, stated that combining Google Free and Fast offering with the company’s scalable and flexible fulfillment solution will give merchants the leeway to rapidly grow their market demand by setting their delivery speed as a key revenue factor.

Recently, a Ware2Go survey specified that nearly 52% of merchants found a fast shipping promise to be the most effectual tactic for increasing cart conversion. In fact, around 65% of merchants reported a 25% rise in conversion rates when fast delivery within one or two day was provided.

Likewise, Google’s research into behavioral shopping patterns also showed preference of consumers towards products offering a free and fast delivery promise. This showcases the Ware2Go's fast delivery footprint, further driving customer satisfaction, conversions and top lining revenue for its merchants.

Dave Colina, Founder and CEO, O2, stated that associating with Ware2Go has been a turning point for the company’s marketing strategy. With promotion of fast shipping guarantees at the top of the sales funnel, the company is expecting to see a rise in conversion rates.

As per initial data from Google Shopping, merchants exhibiting the free & fast annotation have seen a 10% rise in conversions per dollar, a 9% overall conversion rate, and a 7% rise in conversions. Additionally, based on the data-driven insights of Ware2Go around inventory optimization, demand forecasting, and fulfillment-node would permit merchants in leveraging an entirely optimized supply chain in support of their fast and free advertising shipping commitments.

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