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VR chair developer Roto VR secures US$1.86M funds led by Pembroke VCT

VR chair developer Roto VR secures US$1.86M funds led by Pembroke VCT
VR chair developer Roto VR secures US$1.86M funds led by Pembroke VCT

U.K. based interactive VR chair startup Roto VR has reportedly secured £1.5 million (US$ 1.86 million) through a funding round which was led by Pembroke VCT- the London based venture capital trust.

Apparently, owing to the global lockdown and governments globally appealing people to stay home to control the spread of COVOD-19, many people have been turning to VR and gaming, supporting product developments. A VR chair is mainly designed to make the virtual reality experience more accessible to the mass audience.

For the record, the Roto chair is completely motorized and automatically rotates to wherever the user is looking, facilitating 360 degree viewing and allowing the user to stay in the VR simulation for a longer time duration.

Notably, the inbuilt desktop provides support to input devices like mouse and keyboard implying that it may be used in 360-degree desktop computing.

Citing reliable sources, the novel VR chair is compatible with most of the VR head-mounted displays and various games and movies. The product is also compatible with additional accessories like joysticks and racing wheels.

According to Andrew Wolfson, CEO, Pembroke Investments Managers, Roto VR has addressed major issues related to the physical aspect while using VR content. Moreover, the company has significantly improved the VR experience for consumers from both B2C and B2B markets in fields like home, cinemas, experiential attractions, and shopping centers, he further stated.

Incorporated in the year 2015 by video game industry veterans Gavin Waxkirsh and Elliott Myers, Roto VR is an interactive chair that deals with posture-related issues while seated during a VR session. These include tangling cables and motion sickness. The interactive VR chair offered by the startup also aims at improving the immersive experience with vibrations in the chair.

Seemingly, the company is expected to introduce the office and consumer version of Roto in the coming future. The product is likely to be marketed to arcades and cinemas.


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