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Volvo to launch a heavy duty electric truck range in Europe in 2021

Volvo to launch a heavy duty electric truck range in Europe in 2021
Volvo to launch a heavy duty electric truck range in Europe in 2021

Transporters in Europe would now be able to order fully electric versions of heavy duty trucks of Volvo starting 2021. The automotive company reportedly announced that it would be launching a complete range of heavy duty trucks having electric drivelines in Europe by 2021. The transition of such a big automotive giant towards electrification marks a crucial step towards a fossil-free transport infrastructure.

Volvo Trucks is currently conducting tests on Volvo FMX, Volvo FH, and Volvo FM electric heavy duty trucks, which would be utilized for urban construction operations and regional transportation in Europe. The company’s heavy duty trucks would have a gross weight of about 44 tons. Based on the battery configuration, the trucks’ range will be up to or over 300 km. Sales will start in 2021, however, volume manufacturing will begin in 2022.

In 2019, the company initiated the production of its Volvo FE Electric and Volvo FL Electric. These electric trucks would be mainly used for city distribution as well as refuse operations across Europe. Additionally, the company will also begin sales of another one of its electric heavy duty truck, Volvo VNR Electric, which can be used for regional transport, from December 3, 2020 in North America.

Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks, stated that by rapidly growing the number of heavy-duty electric trucks, the firm wants to help its transport buyers and customers reach their sustainability goals. The company is determined at driving the transportation sector towards a more sustainable future.

Alm further added that to decrease the adverse effects of the transportation sector on the climate, a swifter transition away from fossil fuels to other options like electricity needs to be made. However, the pace of this change, and conditions for implementing this change, differs drastically in various markets and haulers based on factors like type of transport operations, availability of a charging infrastructure, and financial incentives.

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