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Volkswagen launches Golf R with even better hatchback performance

Volkswagen launches Golf R with even better hatchback performance
Volkswagen launches Golf R with even better hatchback performance

At a time when Volkswagen (VW) is making significant investments into EVs( Electric Vehicles), it's pleasing to see that the German automaker isn't leaving its core customer base out in the cold. The automaker has reportedly introduced a brand new eighth-generation ‘Golf R’ hatchback.

Sources cite that it is the most powerful series-production version of VW’s family hatchback that will bring 316 brake horsepower to the engine. The heart of this exceptional performance lies in the car’s EA888 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol-based engine.

In addition to those 316 brake horsepower, the engine delivers 310 lb-ft. of torque. The significant torque and power boosts for the fourth iteration of the EA888 unit – called the Evo4 – decreases the car’s 0-62mph sprint time by 0.2 sec to 4.7sec.

The automaker’s focus has not been solely on enhancing outright performance. It also made numerous improvements in the drivetrain aimed at enhancing responsiveness and agility over the previous car.

The Golf R comes with a similarly upgraded version of VW’s torque-vectoring system as fitted to the Tiguan and Arteon, meaning drive is distributed unevenly between the rear wheels of the car for the first time, rather than just between the rear and front axle. Using a pair of electronically functioned multi-disc clutches, the system also balances output across the axle from 0-100 percent within milliseconds.

Inside, the upgrades include all sports seats with blue inserts, stainless-steel pedals, a sports steering wheel, and a selection of R-specific touchscreen displays for the infotainment system. A novel R-view, for instance, displays a horizontally oriented rev counter and offers gear shifting recommendations when the vehicle is driven in manual mode.

Currently, the automaker didn’t disclose prices of this variant, but a significant jump is anticipated, meaning the new Golf R will cost around £40,000.

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