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Unity Technologies to acquire Irish ArtEngine creator Artomatix

Unity Technologies to acquire Irish ArtEngine creator Artomatix
Unity Technologies to acquire Irish ArtEngine creator Artomatix

Unity Technologies, a San Francisco based videogame software development firm, has reportedly announced that it is acquiring Ireland-based software company, Artomatix. According to the terms of the acquisition agreement, Artomatix will be joining Unity while it continues to operate out of Ireland, where its team is expected to expand over the coming two years, particularly in terms of research and development.

Artomatix is the company behind, ArtEngine, a software product that uses neural networks and AI to streamline artistic 3D workflows, expedite the creative workflows for material creation while also improving the user’s ability to produce photorealistic content and attain their artistic vision.

Brett Bibby, chief product officer, Unity, stated that AI=powered content creation tools allow artists to increase their creative prowess to produce work that is better and also get to quality quicker. Bibby further added that ArtEngine helps videogame studios produce realistic content for the coming generation of VFX studios and consoles to attain better visuals for movies. It also helps create outcomes for creative workings across other industries that are equally impressive.

The overall demand for high-fidelity visualizations is increasing at a momentous rate, from architecture and automotive to retail marketing, and these all will benefit from the capabilities of ArtEngine.

Joe Blake, CEO, Artomatix, stated that Unity is aware of the value of allowing creators to create more, which is also something Artomatix is deeply committed to. AI-powered creation tools such as ArtEngine help place AAA quality content in the reach of more content creators then before. Blake further added that by joining Unity Technologies, the company can greatly expedite the delivery of its industry-leading AI tool. The company will continue to be platform agnostic, allowing creators from benefiting form its AI-powered technology, irrespective of the engine they select for their projects.

According to reports, financial details regarding the acquisition agreement have not been unveiled by the involved parties yet.

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