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UChicago Medicine seeking 2,000 adults for a COVID-19 vaccine trial

UChicago Medicine seeking 2,000 adults for a COVID-19 vaccine trial
UChicago Medicine seeking 2,000 adults for a COVID-19 vaccine trial

The University of Chicago Medicine is reportedly seeking 2,000 adults that can enroll into its phase 3 clinical trial of a potential COVID-19 vaccine. The clinical trial would be assessing the efficacy and safety of a single vaccine dose developed by Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies.

The trial had started registering 60,000 candidates globally back in September. Janssen’s COVID-19 vaccine is among the few potential vaccines that are currently in the advanced clinical phases in the United States.

Director at the Institute for Precision and Population Health, UChicago Medicine, Dr. Habibul Ahsan stated that the research center is seeking individuals from different walks of life to enroll in the trial.

Dr. Ahsan further stated that the trial would enroll healthy adults, as well as people suffering from comorbidities, older adults, all genders, and individuals of all races. The hospital wants to make sure that the community it caters to is well represented within the trial.

For the record, the Janssen vaccine trial was temporarily halted in October after one of the participants came up with an unexplained illness.

While commenting on the same, leaders of the University of Chicago Medicine stated that such halts in vaccine trials are fairly common, and the U.S. FDA has approved the continuation of the vaccine trial last week after it was discovered by an independent committee that the vaccine was not responsible for the unexplained illness.

This would be the second COVID-19 vaccine trial offered by UChicago Medicine. The university’s health system is participating in the COVE trial of Moderna as well.

Apart from UChicago Medicine, other large hospitals are also participating in the race to find a potential COVID-19 vaccine, including Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Northwestern Medicine is a part of the AstraZeneca Oxford vaccine trial, while the University of Illinois at Chicago is a part of the Moderna vaccine trials.

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