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Trinseo unveils PULSE ECO Series comprising 30-50% recycled content

Trinseo unveils PULSE ECO Series comprising 30-50% recycled content
Trinseo unveils PULSE ECO Series comprising 30-50% recycled content

Trinseo, a leading materials firm with a focus primarily on latex binders, synthetic rubbers, and plastics, has recently unveiled a new portfolio that consists of recycled content comprising PC/ABS for applications in the automotive industry.

Apparently, the new PULSE ECO Series of Trinseo has about 30-50% of recycled content, that combines Polycarbonate and post-industrial recycled (PIR) sourced from Europe, with the virgin MAGNUM ABS of Trinseo.

The new product exhibits strong technical features and is developed with the help of unique PULSE GX technology made by the company showing low-temperature ductility, low density, lower carbon dioxide footprint, and excellent flow properties. Its low odor performance makes it ideal for automotive applications like instrument panels, floor consoles, and pillars.

According to reliable sources, the new PULSE ECO Series of Trinseo has some favorable environmental impact and has been proven with the help of a special lifecycle analysis that compared the variation and difference in water, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions to that of virgin materials.

For every case, the PIR-containing resins of Trinseo demonstrated a significantly reduced environmental impact accounting for 48% lesser energy consumption, 39% lesser water consumption and 39% lower warming potential. 

Trinseo’s Global Marketing Manager at Automotive, Frank Schumann stated that the launch of the company’s new PULSE ECO Series will expand its ECO portfolio containing recycled PC/ABS materials and content-based polycarbonate (PC).

Schumann further added that the automotive customers have been seeking recycled materials that are capable of delivering the required quality to enable high-performing and consistent interior applications. Besides meeting sustainability objectives demanded by the customers, the PULSE ECO Series will also be delivering advantages to all the virgin premium products.

Features like high impact strength and easy flow at lower temperatures have been made possible with enhanced carbon footprints. Trinseo has stated that its PULSE GX50 ECO as well as PULSE GX70 ECO grades will be rolled out in the first half of 2020 in Europe.


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