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Toyota recalls Corolla and other models citing faulty fuel pump

Toyota recalls Corolla and other models citing faulty fuel pump
Toyota recalls Corolla and other models citing faulty fuel pump

The largest automaker in the world, Toyota has recalled more than 45,000 units of its key models owing to issues with the fuel pump which can lead to a car being cut out when on the road. Corolla, Camry, Kluger, Prado, Land Cruiser and Hilux are some of the Toyota models facing the recall owing to the fuel pump complaints.

According to the company, the faulty fuel pumps may stop operating while a user is driving the vehicle. If it stops operating, the instrument panel could be alight with warning lights or display messages to communicate the issue and the engine may not work smoothly. As a result, the vehicle could stall and could be difficult to restart.

The seven models and the number of affected cars sold between 2013-2019 for which the recall is being issued are Corolla (6,947 units), Camry (1,436 units), Kluger (22,982 units), FJ Cruiser (2,938 units), Prado (483 units), Hilux (10,771 units) and Land Cruiser (116 units).

Reportedly, the recall is eligible for any of the cars from specified models that were bought between October 2013 and April 2020. The company is urging car owners to contact nearby dealerships immediately in case they are eligible for the recall.

Among the hazards faced by the owners of these cars include the risk of a vehicle crash after the engine is cut out. Toyota is expected to contact the buyers of any faulty models, although replacement engines for them may not be available until June.

Toyota has assured that owners of the cards will be contacted in writing, along with an interim notification that advises them regarding this safety recall. It will also recontact them after parts are available and would request the owners to take an appointment at any nearby Toyota dealer for free-of-charge repairs.


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