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Samsung Electronics makes comeback plan in Indian smartphone market

Samsung Electronics makes comeback plan in Indian smartphone market
Samsung Electronics makes comeback plan in Indian smartphone market

As Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus marked a strong presence in the Indian smartphone market in recent years and swept Samsung from the number one place, the South Korean electronics company giant is all set make comeback with new budget lined up devices. 

Sources cite that the anti-China surging waves might pave the path for Samsung's comeback. The border clash in June may help the company to sell more products in the coming times. The company is also planning to strengthen its online presence in the nation to surpass Chinese rivals.

Samsung moved into the second quarter at No 2 market position with 26% total market share, behind Xiaomi’s 29% market share, as the diverse and in-house supply chain of the South Korean business helped to prevent inventory shortages in coronavirus lockdowns. In the previous quarter, the firm was in third position with 16% of the total market share.

Yet, India already has about 7.5 billion dollars in Samsung's annual retail handset sales, rendering it the biggest consumer market outside the US. It also has the largest development facility for Smartphones in the world on the outskirts of New Delhi. The facility helps the company to test, assemble, and export new devices.  

The manufacturing capacity and willingness of Samsung to supply other parts internally allow it to win ground in the pandemic. On the other hand, Xiaomi and Oppo experienced hiccups in local manufacturing as a result of COVID-19, but Samsung continued to deliver phones smoothly.

As of the momentum, since June, Samsung has launched seven new smartphones, three under 10,000 Rupees (US$ 133.63), including Android's lowest price at US$ 75.

A Samsung spokesman said that the company is witnessing high demand for its mobile phones in India and anticipated its revenues to surge from last year. The company doesn’t provide a breakdown of revenues from the individual nations.

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