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Relatient announces RCM service expansion by adding new partners

Relatient announces RCM service expansion by adding new partners
Relatient announces RCM service expansion by adding new partners

Relatient, Inc., a patient engagement company, has reportedly announced the service expansion for revenue cycle management (RCM). The company has integrated its digital-first text to pay and patient balance messaging solution with the traditional print statements.

Relatient had previously entered a partnership with two industry leaders, namely MailMyStatements, Inc. and Innovative Billing Solutions, Inc., in view of the fact that only 20% of the healthcare providers adopt text and mobile-first tools for patient payments. The company has had a constant focus on enhancing patient experiences by delivering best practices and collaborating with highly-rated partners who can support the medical offices.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the management of the revenue cycle has become a challenge. Healthcare leaders are striving to join hands with vendor partners and reevaluate those who underperform. Relatient caters to these ineffective and outdated traditional practices by offering patient & customer-centric services. The company can reduce costs and uncertainty among customers via the inclusion of the billing statements, combining the digital and traditional statements.

As per the statement made by Relatient’s Senior VP, Robbie Abt, the company is excited to drive the revenue cycle capabilities by partnering with MailMyStatements and Innovative Billing Solutions. They have maintained a track record of putting customers first and share similar values. Despite being a digital-first technology platform, it is aware of the fact that the traditional billing methods still play a role, as bundling the services at the competitive rates may result in offering more convenience and value to the customers.

The patient engagement platform of Relatient offers technology tools that help improve the revenue cycle performance, which include:

  • Pre-registration & insurance update
  • Online, text to pay, and in-office payments
  • Patient payment plans
  • Payment processing & in-office terminals
  • EHR/PM integrations

Relatient, exclusively built for healthcare, offers a versatile platform for clinicians and organizations to function amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, by improving patient experience and supporting healthcare recovery.

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