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Qantas & Jetstar break sales record due to discounted flights for $19

Qantas & Jetstar break sales record due to discounted flights for $19
Qantas & Jetstar break sales record due to discounted flights for $19

Qantas and Jetstar’s heavily discounted flights for $19 have reportedly led to a rising number of Australians aiming to claim the offers from the carrier’s website. This increased in demand can be attributed to the upcoming winter holidays and anticipated gradual reopening of flight services across state borders in Australia.

The budget carrier has reportedly been encountering unprecedented sales. It had been recorded that 220 discounted flights were sold in a minute, which resulted in the clogging of its website. Out of the 200,000 seats available for sales, Jetstar has sold nearly 70,000. This has set a record for the low-cost airline. The sales, which were started on 19th June, will continue till 22nd June.

Additionally, 10,000 seats were booked in just 4 hours, which highlights a huge surge in air travel demand. The recent discounted fares cover 35 Australian routes, spanning across 15 destinations in states except Western Australia and Tasmania. Other discounted fares include $79 for flights from Sydney to Hamilton and Brisbane to Darwin.

Frequent travelers can gain the advantage of the new rare points offer, which is a part of the joint Tourism Recovery Sale of Qantas. The carrier in Australia has reportedly announced a huge incentive, offering triple points to 13 million members on all flights between 27th June to 31st October 2020 across the nation.

According to Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas Group, there has been a rising demand for flights across domestic networks in Australia, in line with plans of reopening borders in the country. For instance, more than 75% of Australians are reportedly intending to travel in the next 6 months. This has led the group to increase the capacity to over 40% of the pre-crisis levels.

In addition, both airlines have changed the booking policies to ensure more flexibility. They also implemented a range of precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of passengers.

The airlines are planning to reintroduce more flights in accordance to the accelerating demand following the further ease in border restrictions.

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