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Plague Inc. removed from China’s app stores over illegal content

Plague Inc. removed from China’s app stores over illegal content
Plague Inc. removed from China’s app stores over illegal content


  • The game gained popularity in China after the spread of coronavirus
  • The Cyberspace Administration of China claimed that the game has content that is illegal in the country

Plague Inc., a renowned strategy simulation game has reportedly been take off from the app store in China due to its alleged illegal content, as claimed by the regulators. The game had experienced mounting popularity in China when the dangerous spread of coronavirus epidemic had just started.

Apparently, the game lets its users create as well as evolve a pathogen that is capable of destroying the world. It rocketed to the top of the charts of the China app of Apple recently, as it was believed that the players had turned the content depicting a disaster theme into a coping mechanism for themselves.

The publisher and developer of Plague at Ndemic creations reported that after the game was taken down from the app, a number of players complained on social media they were unable to find the game on the Chinese app store.

UK-based Ndemic stated that they were given the information from the Cyberspace Administration of China regarding Plague Inc. containing content that has been deemed illegal in China and has been taken down from the country’s App Store. He further added that the situation has gone out of control.

According to reliable sources, it has not been clear if the removal of the game had any link to the alarming spread of coronavirus that has reportedly killed about 2,788 people and has infected 78,824 people across the mainland China as of now. Various countries like Italy, Japan and South Korea have been informing about new infections and have apparently surpassed the number in Mainland China.  

Ndemic commented that the firm’s immediate matter of concern is to try and contact the Cyberspace Administration of China and be able to understand the immediate issue and work together to come up with a resolution for the same.


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