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Nokia & Marvell team-up to develop multi-RAT silicon technology for 5G

Nokia & Marvell team-up to develop multi-RAT silicon technology for 5G
Nokia & Marvell team-up to develop multi-RAT silicon technology for 5G

Nokia and Marvell have reportedly announced plans to work together to develop leading 5G multi-radio access technology (RAT) silicon innovations. The deal also includes multiple generations of infrastructure processors and custom SoC (system-on-chip), which would merge the distinguished wireless technology of Nokia and multi-core Arm processor platforms of Marvell.

The new chipsets are designed to be implemented in numerous building units of the Nokia AirScale radio access technology, under Nokia’s 5G ReefShark-powered range. By implementing ReefShark, these solutions would benefit from reduced size and power consumption, while also witnessing a boost to capacity as well as total performance.

The multi-core processor technology of Marvell is developed on five previous generations and offers a combination of performance and programmability representing a substantial benefit for Nokia ReefShark chipsets. Both Nokia and Marvell would continue to work collaboratively to address the complicated needs of 5G SA, 5G NSA, 5G NR as well as other developing standards.

Tommi Uitto, President, Mobile Networks, Nokia, stated that the announcement underscored the company’s continued commitment to growing the utilization and variety of ReefShark chipsets in its portfolio. This would ensure that its 5G solutions are equipped to offer best in class performance to its customers.

Uitto further stated that as service providers continue to develop their 5G plans, support new vertical services and growing traffic, the infrastructure as well as components must also evolve rapidly. Adoption of recent developments in silicon technology would be a critical step in order to better serve the needs of customers.

Matt Murphy, CEO & President, Marvell, stated that the company is thrilled to partner with Nokia to facilitate next-gen solutions for 5G networks. Nokia’s technology and market leadership along with the company’s platform of semiconductor solutions for data infrastructure would enable wireless networks of the future to fulfill the promise of 5G as well as open up new business opportunities.

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