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NEC & Siemens Collaborate to boost AI monitoring and Analysis Solution

NEC & Siemens Collaborate to boost AI monitoring and Analysis Solution
NEC & Siemens Collaborate to boost AI monitoring and Analysis Solution

NEC Corporation is set to join hands with Siemens to streamline IoT service in the manufacturing landscape by offering a monitoring and analysis solution which connects the cloud-based open IoT operating system MindSphere® from Siemens, and System Invariant Analysis Technology (SIAT) of NEC.

Acknowledging the accord, NEC is poised to be a part of the MindSphere Partner Program that can offer NEC with access to specialized technical training and boost from Siemens and other joint go-to-market capabilities.

Amid the potential loss of know-how owing to the retirement of skilled personnel and the dearth of staff, NEC and Siemens are partnering to propel their products to leverage greater visualization and assessment of sensor data.

System Invariant Analysis Technology, an invaluable part of a portfolio of NEC the WISE—a state-of-the-art AI technologies—is being used to automatically model and learn the behavior of systems based on data collated from a huge number of sensors installed in complicated systems. Reportedly, NEC has installed around 100 such systems on a global scale.

For the record, MindSphere is Siemens’ cloud-based open IoT operating system that connects plants, products, machines, and systems to leverage companies to utilize a myriad of data generated by the IoT with advanced analytics. The partner program of Siemens is meant for industry IoT solution and technology providers.

It is speculated that the highly anticipated collaboration will enable NEC and Siemens to offer total data collation, monitoring, storage and analysis, such as customization as per customer needs.

Apparently, MindSphere is being used to collate field sensor data and System Invariant Analysis Technology automatically assesses and monitors the data. Initially, the solution is likely to be provided as a cloud solution for the manufacturing industry, and subsequently it will be used in manufacturing lines, factory systems, plant facilities and other products using the technology.

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