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Moderna chooses AWS as cloud partner to develop novel vaccines

Moderna chooses AWS as cloud partner to develop novel vaccines
Moderna chooses AWS as cloud partner to develop novel vaccines

Moderna Therapeutics is using ‘software of life’. That’s how Chief Executive Stephane Bancel described mRNA technology, which is at the core of the its COVID-19 drug development process. The company is pioneering messenger RNA drugs that are believed to be producing any protein of interest, including antibodies for treating several diseases such as cancer and COVID-19.

Recently, Moderna’s ambition to develop COVID-19 treatment got new impetus when the company has reportedly joined forces with one of the world’s leading companies- Amazon Inc.

Sources cite that Moderna is working with Amazon’s cloud service to offer a new class of medicines that implement messenger RNA technology. The company is currently undergoing clinical trials with messenger RNA drugs to develop modified cancer vaccines.

By leveraging the manufacturing facility-based the AWS-powered research engine and mRNA platform, the company delivered the first batch of its COVID-19 vaccine candidate to the NIH for the Phase 1 clinical trial 42 days after the initial sequencing of the virus.

By scaling and building its operations on AWS, Moderna can rapidly design research experiments and uncover hidden insights, automate its manufacturing and laboratory process to improve its drug discovery pipeline.  

The cloud infrastructure will also help the company to comply with applicable laws and regulations during the testing and production of vaccine and therapeutic candidates.

Moreover, the AWS platform will enable Moderna to trace its manufacturing process, implement best practices in the supply chain, and control the quality control process. The company will also use AWS to transfer its digital manufacturing model onto the partner’s facilities, offering Moderna rapid access to extra production capacity it needs to fulfill global demand.

Speaking on which, Chief Executive Stephane Bancel has highlighted the importance of AWS in the company’s mission to develop COVID-19 vaccine.

He said that AWS’s services are aiding the company’s mission to develop novel medicines for patients and are instrumental in the company’s quest to develop a vaccine for several diseases including COVID-19.

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