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Maserati unveils MC20 supercar with a big multi-billion revival plan

Maserati unveils MC20 supercar with a big multi-billion revival plan
Maserati unveils MC20 supercar with a big multi-billion revival plan

Maserati, a renowned Italian luxury vehicle company, has reportedly launched its new supercar, the MC20. This new car would be leading a multi-billion pound revival plan through which the company aims to return to its racing and performance focused roots.    

Currently being sold with a 621bhp mid-mounted V6 engine, the company’s new halo model would also provide electric power in future. Motorsport and convertible versions are also being planned by the company.

MC20 is the first supercar that the Italian car manufacturer has developed since 2004, when the company launched a limited run MC12 two-seater sportscar. However, that model was basically a reworked Ferrari Enzo, but the MC20 supercar marks the company’s return to manufacturing its own sports cars, after its parent firm, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), sold its share in Ferrari in 2016.

The selling of the Maranello company meant that Maserati took over the position of FCA’s leading premium performance brand.

FCA leaders have significantly changed the earlier announced Maserati product plan, authorizing a bold overhaul of model series with an aim to increase sales to threefold within three years with approximately 13 new vehicle models scheduled to launch over the next three-year period.

In addition, all the models launched after MC20 will also be electrically powered, as stated by Davide Grasso, the Chief Operating Officer of Maserati during the launch of MC20. Grasso also added that the company is developing autonomous capability of Level 3 for upcoming cars. Along with the MC20 and the company’s new upcoming SUV’s battery electric versions, the next GranCabrio and GranTurismo are also under planning.     

With initial prices starting from £187,230, the MC20 would arrive in the UK during the second quarter of 2021. The model is a testament to the company’s ‘new era’ and would restore its reputation for manufacturing high-end supercars, improving the prestige of the company’s SUVs and saloons.

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