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Magnis Energy and Charge CCCV unveil innovative EV battery technology

Magnis Energy and Charge CCCV unveil innovative EV battery technology
Magnis Energy and Charge CCCV unveil innovative EV battery technology

Magnis Energy Technologies Ltd., a renowned Australian graphite producer, and its American partner, Charge CCCV, have reportedly announced that it has developed an innovative EV charging technology, Extra Fast Charge tech, which has managed to charge up EV batteries to 85% within six minutes.

The electric vehicle industry has been witnessing tremendous growth over the past years. In fact, recently Tesla, which only produces electric cars, overtook long-term industry leader Toyota as the world’s most valuable carmaker.

Following suit, other conventional vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Hyundai, and others have started introducing electric vehicles to the automotive market as well. However, one of the biggest challenges EVs face today is the lengthy battery charging times. The Australian company and its U.S. partner claim that their new fast charging technology can effectively eliminate this challenge.

Charge CCCV President, Dr. Shailesh Upreti stated that the test results from its new battery charging technology are extremely thrilling and the company’s potential automobile industry partners have been significantly encouraged by the test data.

Dr. Upreti further added that the firm is now focused on delivering a battery pack with a 25KWh capacity as well as the innovative extra fast charging tech.

The 25KWh capacity battery pack is comparable to the one used in the Fiat 500e, which effectively provides the small hatchback a driving range of up to 135 kilometers.

Recent testing discovered that the company’s unoptimized energy cells were inside the 99% density levels of a standard energy cells. As per Magnis Energy chairman, Frank Poullas, the energy cells would be able to effectively overcome the most prominent problems that fast charging batteries have faced in the past.

Poullas added that, typically, fast charging is synonymous with the batteries degrading rapidly. However, the outcomes from using an unoptimized cell are thrilling and would further enhance as the energy cells are optimized. The test results are highly encouraging for EV manufacturers and the overall battery industry.

The Australian enterprise plans to become a global leader when it comes to manufacturing li-ion cells, with production facilities planned for New York and Townsville.

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