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Lotus plans to replace combustion engines with electric motors

Lotus plans to replace combustion engines with electric motors
Lotus plans to replace combustion engines with electric motors

Lotus is reportedly planning to replace combustion engines by electric motors in its line of cars, following the launch of Evija.

According to Phil Popham, CEO of Lotus, the company’s next-generation cars will go full electrification by skipping the hybrid powertrains. This company’s shift from hybrid to pure electric will allow designers to have full freedom in terms of packaging. It targets to deliver battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology to its electric vehicles in the future.

Mr. Popham further added that the anticipated shift can be attributed to the financial backing of Geely, its parent company. The parent company offers support to Lotus in terms of product development.

The company’s plan to adopt electric motors has led to the rising anticipation that the Esprit revival might adopt different powertrain than its hybrid V6. The BEV is well-suited and will serve as an ultimate technology for the sport cars owing to its torque characteristics, design, weight distribution, and flexibility of dynamics.

Evija hypercar will be the 1st EV launched by Lotus. As the company’s production has taken a hit in 2020, the product will be limited to global 130 units and available at the starting price of €1.5 million (NZ$ 2.6 million).

A video released from the Petersen Automotive Museum, which is hosted by the head of the design of Lotus, Russel Carr, has offered various information about the new Evija.

People with knowledge of the matter have stated that Lotus is testing the Evija with various technologies. However, it is retaining their cultures and strategies in aerodynamics, efficiency, and driving dynamics.

As for the technical specifications, the Evija will adopt 4 electric motors (1 per wheel) to generate 1471-kW of power. Thus, 0 to 100-km per hour takes less than 3 seconds and 200-km per hour flashes by in 6 seconds.

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