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Lincoln Motor cancels its plans to develop Lincoln EV with Rivian

Lincoln Motor cancels its plans to develop Lincoln EV with Rivian
Lincoln Motor cancels its plans to develop Lincoln EV with Rivian

Lincoln Motor, the luxury vehicle division of Ford, has reportedly announced the cancellation of its plans to develop a new electric vehicle based on the skateboard platform developed by American automaker Rivian.

Ford and Rivian, in a joint statement, stated that the decision was taken mutually due to the current uncertain environment, implying that the COVID-19 outbreak was the primary cause for cancellation. However, both companies still plan to develop a vehicle together in the future.

A Lincoln spokesperson, while addressing the matter, stated that due to the present situation, Rivian and Lincoln have decided to cancel the plan of developing a fully electric vehicle, which was to be based on the skateboard platform of Rivian. The company’s strategic commitment to the company, Rivian, as well as electrification is the same and its future plans would contain an all-electric vehicle platform that is consistent with the company’s Quiet Flight DNA, the spokesperson added.

The decision of cancellation comes a year after Ford Motor Co. invested $500 million in Rivian, an EV startup aimed at developing an all-electric SUV and pickup truck. Along with that investment, Ford also stated its plans to develop an EV in collaboration with Rivian.

In January, Ford announced that, through Lincoln, it would co-develop a fully electric vehicle with Rivian, that would mostly be an SUV. The companies also announced several months ago that this electric vehicle would have a Lincoln battery whereas it would be developed based on the flexible skateboard platform of Rivian.

Lincoln has not produced a fully electric vehicle to date. However, the company has manufactured two plug-in hybrid vehicles, the Corsair Grand Touring and the Aviator. The company launched both these vehicles during the LA Auto Show in November.

Ford stated that as the company is moving through the development cycle, and due to the current situation, it concluded that focusing the development efforts on just Lincoln’s fully electric vehicle would be better.

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