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LCBC wins tender for Mandai rejuvenation project from MPD in Singapore

LCBC wins tender for Mandai rejuvenation project from MPD in Singapore
LCBC wins tender for Mandai rejuvenation project from MPD in Singapore

LCBC (Lum Chang Building Contractors), a subsidiary of Lum Chang Holdings, has reportedly won a contract from MPD (Mandai Park Development) for the Mandai rejuvenation project.

Lum Chang is one of the leading construction firms in Singapore. It has been listed on the Singapore Exchange and has diversified into investment, development, and property. It has constructed several landmark buildings as well as infrastructure in Singapore.

Lum Chang Holdings recently stated that the scope of this rejuvenation project includes a resort, nature-themed indoor attractions, a transport hub, and construction of an arrival node. The latest award brings an outstanding construction value, which is yet to be reported as the revenue of Lum Chang Building Contractors, to around $1.8 billion.

MPD (Mandai Park Development) is the development arm of MPH (Mandai Park Holdings).  MPH is driving the Mandai Precinct rejuvenation into integrated nature & wildlife destinations through its development arm, MPD. MPH is wholly owned by the Singaporean holding company, Temasek Holdings. The company also oversees the strategic & business development of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), which is the operator of the River Safari, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, and Night Safari. The three guiding principles of the Mandai project are integration, sustainability, and inclusion. Mandai is home to the River Safari, Night Safari, and Singapore Zoo.

Under the Mandai rejuvenation project, Mandai Park Holdings will add a relocated Bird Park, the eco-resort, nature-themed indoor attractions, and a new Rainforest Park. The eco-resort will be operated by Banyan Tree Holdings, a hospitality group listed by mainboard. The resort will feature various accommodations ranging from elevated treehouses to low-rise structured family rooms.

The market share of Lum Chang Holdings was closed flat on Thursday at 31.5 cents. The company did not disclose the total value of the contract.

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