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Kia's Niro EV becomes the No. 1 electric vehicle in the Dutch market

Kia's Niro EV becomes the No. 1 electric vehicle in the Dutch market
Kia's Niro EV becomes the No. 1 electric vehicle in the Dutch market

Kia Motors has now become the leading automobile company to post the highest number of local sales in the Netherlands. The company has successfully overtaken Tesla, which to this point is considered as the strongest player in the global electric car segment. Netherlands, Sweden and Norway are the frontrunners of the electric vehicle markets in Europe.

According to recent sales reports, Kia Motors sold 644 units of Niro EV in July in the Dutch. Meanwhile, Shanghai Motors managed to sell 501 units of MG ZS EV' followed by Volkswagen, which sold 488 units of 'e-Golf' in the country. In addition to this, as of July 2020, the cumulative sale of Kia’s Niro accounted for nearly 2,942 units, exceeding the sales of Tesla's 'Model 3' which accounted for 2,721 units.

Electric vehicles have dominated the Netherlands significantly and the 'Model 3', which recorded 29,922 units in sales last year, comes as a huge contributor to the region’s electric vehicle sales. Tesla almost dominated the Dutch electric car marker with its Model 3 in 2019 and secured the no.1 position in the local market.

As for Kia and Hyundai, both these companies are planning to expand their presence in the European market by introducing a new vehicle that utilizes their electric vehicle platform 'E-GMP' in 2021. Hyundai Motors recently revealed that it will be launching its first model 'Ioniq 5” under its new electric vehicle brand 'IONIQ' early next year.

Whereas, Kia Motors is planning to apply the E-GMP platform on its latest electric vehicle CV, which would be targeting both overseas as well as domestic markets.

In other news, Kia Motors has decided to expand its range of offerings by launching the newly updated 2021 Kia Carnival in Korea. Reportedly, the company is planning to release it in the US markets under the name “Kia Sedona”.

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