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Io-Tahoe announces 8-in-1 data automation platform for partners

Io-Tahoe announces 8-in-1 data automation platform for partners
Io-Tahoe announces 8-in-1 data automation platform for partners

Io-Tahoe, an AI-driven data asset management leader, has reportedly revealed the availability of an 8-in-1 enterprise data automation platform for its partners. The platform will deliver a unified 360-view of the value, ranging from data assets to the mid-market customers.

As per the statement made by Yusef Khan, Head of Partners & Alliances at Io-Tahoe, the company is thrilled about the recent business expansion that will help cater to its partners and their customers by automating data governance. This will enable them to gain visibility across several data-dependent business applications and workflows from a single platform.

Mr. Khan further added that the automation of enterprise data driven by its ML-enabled data catalog has been serving as the catalyst for CDOs and CIOs in accelerating digital transformation and achieving faster time-to-business-outcome from the siloed enterprise data available in both on-premise and on-cloud model.

The new SmartData Partner Program enhances the customer experience, allowing enterprises to accelerate digital transformation, streamline data, & gain visibility across fragmented data silos in real-time. Io-Tahoe partners can gain access to its No-Code & Out of the Box 8-in-1 data automation platform for enterprises, comprising of eight cloud-enabled management modules, such as automated data mapping & linking, SmartData catalog, automated data discovery, self-service knowledge graph, data policy governor, active data quality, automated data flows, and data signals dashboards.

In addition, Io-Tahoe delivers significant opportunities for its partners to expand their revenues and enhance customer engagement by ensuring 10 outcomes with one product or platform, such as automated data discovery, data governance, and data quality.

Furthermore, the company allows partners to aid their partners in understanding the data via its patented algorithms and ML methods to automate data management, discovery, and governance. It has also been bringing rapid innovations in the data automation industry to solve complex challenges, including cloud migration and regulatory compliance.

Io-Tahoe’s CEO, Ajay Vohora, has reportedly stated that the company’s 8-in-1 data automation capabilities emphasize the automation of data discovery and removal of manual overhead, forming a foundation of its partners’ technology ecosystem.

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