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Hyundai Australia recalls approximately 90,000 cars for fire risk

Hyundai Australia recalls approximately 90,000 cars for fire risk
Hyundai Australia recalls approximately 90,000 cars for fire risk

Every once in a while, there is an infamous car recall that draws media attention and creates a fair share of controversy. As per the latest news, Hyundai Australia has reportedly issued a recall of around 87,499 cars including i30 hatchback and Elantra small sedan models. The company has recalled these models due to a faulty circuit board that may increase the fire risk with two known fire cases reported on Australian i30 cars.

According to sources, the company will recall 68,765 Hyundai i30 hatchbacks models (sold between 7 Nov. 2006 and 14 Dec. 2010) and 18,734 Elantra sedans models (sold between 17 Aug 2005 and 14 May 2011). This move follows a similar fire incident due to which the company recalled 9,393 Santa Fe SUVs cars which were sold between 2006 and 2009.

The recall notice states that a vehicle’s electronic circuit board in the ABS (anti-lock braking system) module is prone to short circuits when it exposed to moisture. The company also states that there are chances of fire incidences even when the car’s engine is switched off as the ABS module still receives constant power supply.

As per the company, the short circuit may increase the fire risk in the engine compartment which may result in a fatal injury to vehicle occupants, bystanders, and road users. The company is also advising vehicle owners to park vehicles in an open space and away from nearby structures that may catch fire in case of short-circuits.

Hyundai Australia is notifying concerned vehicle owners about the repair and inspection of the defective system, which includes the deployment of a relay kit on the circuit board. The company also disclosed the full list of vehicle identification numbers of i30 cars and Elantra cars.

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