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Hyundai announces plans to launch 9 electric vehicles in 2021

Hyundai announces plans to launch 9 electric vehicles in 2021
Hyundai announces plans to launch 9 electric vehicles in 2021

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are not a distant dream anymore. EVs are more practical, fun, and most importantly, they help nations in abiding by environment protection laws. They are more powerful and efficient than the traditional combustion engines, save fuel, reduce our reliance on it, and reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change. 

As such, the automotive industry has shifted its focus entirely on EVs. Automakers are planning to shift entirely into electric-engines shortly. Even big players in the industry are offering affordable options and eradicating the idea that EVs are only for the elite class.

Planting the very seed for the said future, The Hyundai Motors Company, the South Korean multinational automaker, has reportedly announced plans to release at least nine types of EVs in the next year along with its Genesis brand. Its own platform E-GMP is also dedicated to revolutionizing the vehicle charging frameworks that can charge a car to 80 percent in just 20 minutes.

Starting from January 2020, the automotive company will pave the path for 1 A segment CUV (crossover vehicle), 1 B segment SUV, 2 C segment CUV (including Ioniq 5), C segment sedan Ioniq 6, D segment sedan 1, D segment sedan 

Alongside it plans to launch one SUV, one E-segment sedan, and one (MPV) Multipurpose electric vehicle. 

For Genesis, it aims to introduce, beginning next year, at least three pure electric vehicles. It aims to manufacture an electronically derived sedan and an SUV. Furthermore, Genesis launched electric vehicle style CUV, which is translated as a JW code name is now being evaluated with camouflage concealed on the track.

Additionally, by launching Ioniq 5 into the Chinese market, Hyundai Motor Corporation aims to improve its own vehicle influence on the electric vehicles. The Ioniq 5 in the next year, Sedan Ioniq 6 in 2022, and the major SUV Ioniq 7 in 2024 is scheduled to launch in the respective years. The company has set a milestone in recording sales of up to 56000 Evs by 2025.

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