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HERE, what3words team up to offer next-gen in-car navigation systems

HERE, what3words team up to offer next-gen in-car navigation systems
HERE, what3words team up to offer next-gen in-car navigation systems

Netherlands-based location and mapping services company HERE Technologies has reportedly entered a joint venture agreement with U.K.’s what3words in an effort to provide advanced in-car navigation systems.

Sources with knowledge of the matter stated that the OEMs using HERE technologies can integrate what3words as an in-car navigation feature. Apparently, vehicles equipped with this feature would be able to navigate to any precise 3-meter square through what3words address.

For those unfamiliar, what3words is an advanced addressing system which has essentially divided the world into 3-meter square grids, giving each square a unique three word combination. The system allows people to easily access locations and offers easy references in areas with no street addresses such as remote hiking trails, parks and beaches.

CEO and co-founder of what3words, Chris Sheldrick was reported saying that HERE is the most cutting-edge mapping system which will now available with an advanced feature to easily commute to a location. He added that the partnership will allow the company to integrate its ground-breaking feature in both new as well as legacy vehicles.

Jørgen Behrens, Senior Vice President and CPO at HERE Technologies mentioned in a comment that the joint venture agreement with what3words is an example of the company’s efforts towards innovation in the mapping and navigation space.

Automotive OEMs as well as Tier 1 suppliers can now offer what3wods services to their respective customers using HERE Search API, which will further allow drivers to easily navigate through urban and dense environments, Behrens claimed.

Drivers can put in what3words address directly using a connected car app or through the vehicle head unit. The addresses can also be found on what3words app, cited sources with relevant information.

About HERE Technologies

HERE is a leading navigation system and can be found in over 150 million vehicles across the globe. The platform delivers industry-leading solutions which are designed to use location content such as traffic systems, buildings and road networks while commuting.

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