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FedEx, Microsoft collaborate to offer data-driven logistics solutions

FedEx, Microsoft collaborate to offer data-driven logistics solutions
FedEx, Microsoft collaborate to offer data-driven logistics solutions

FedEx and Microsoft are entering a partnership for offering a wide range of data-based business services while combining the largest logistics network of FedEx with the cloud computing technology of Microsoft.

This multiyear partnership shall aid both Microsoft and FedEx customers to gain better control as well as insight into the movement of the goods worldwide by using data & analytics.

Fred Smith, CEO and Chairman of FedEx stated that the company has been reinterpreting the supply chain from the first day of their operations and they will be taking it to another level with the recent announcement. The company along with Microsoft shall be combining the great power of technology with the large scale of FedEx infrastructure to revolutionize as well as create a strong network for their customers.

The announcement also said that collaboration between two major firms, Microsoft and FedEx shows a long-term commitment to being able to collaborate on product development and also share expertise.

Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella said that organizations have been counting on a capable and efficient supply chain to remain open for the business and remain competitive. Teaming up with FedEx, the companies shall apply the power of Dynamics 365, AI capabilities and Azure to the emergency requirement, by building newer commerce experiences that can turn logistics for both the firms’ customers across the world.

Azure is the cloud computing service of Microsoft that lets customers help store data online with the help of Microsoft while Dynamics 365 offers a set of several business services that are data-driven.

The first service that was formed after the collaboration was FedEx Surround. It will help customers to monitor the inventory activity and also in monitoring the activities of their business on local levels, regional levels and even the global level.

The sales and inventory have a significant amount of guesswork surrounding the business. FedEx Surround can offer precise information that could further help such businesses manage the various products in a more effective manner.


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