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EE launches Smart Wi-Fi broadband service to boost connectivity

EE launches Smart Wi-Fi broadband service to boost connectivity
EE launches Smart Wi-Fi broadband service to boost connectivity

EE Limited, a mobile network operator company, has reportedly launched a new Smart Wi-Fi home broadband service. The new Wi-Fi service is expected to have the capacity to boost the coverage in every room of customers’ homes.

The broadband deal consists of Smart Wi-Fi Disks, a Smart Router, and 4GEE Wi-Fi Mini. These Smart Disks can be installed by customers to support the connection of over 60 devices. Customers will obtain one of these Disks when they purchase the Wi-Fi router. However, they are provided with the option to purchase at least three disks over the course of their broadband plans, which will boost the data allowance and manage access for multiple devices.

The 4GEE Mini package will enable the users to connect the devices to Wi-Fi from outside the home. This Wi-Fi Mini comes with 2-GB data per month which can be extended to 250-GB when the users experience broadband issues. This extra data will be offered temporarily for the period when the users experience connectivity problems.

Additionally, users can manage and set up the new smart router and disks through the new EE Home app. The app will allow access controls & device groups as well as provide an overview of the connected devices. For example, the users can create a group for children’s devices and get control of their connections using the new EE service.

The EE’s Smart Wi-Fi package will be available for all fixed home broadband plans, which will be priced at £10 per month ($12.43) with 18-month validity.

According to Sharon Meadows, EE’s director of propositions, the new service will significantly help cater to the rising consumer interest in broadband connection. This will also serve the demand for high-speed internet and related traffic among users by offering the connectivity to a new extension, basement, attic room, and other areas.

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