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COVID-19 cases occur near Adelaide Airport, impacting Drakes stores

COVID-19 cases occur near Adelaide Airport, impacting Drakes stores
COVID-19 cases occur near Adelaide Airport, impacting Drakes stores

The coronavirus outbreak is posing serious challenges for airports as well as businesses operating in its nearby vicinity. Recently, 11 new COVID-19 cases were reported in South Australia, taking the states count to 396, involving 19 cases linked to Adelaide Airport Qantas baggage handlers.

Reportedly, McDonald's and a supermarket near Adelaide Airport was been cleared after active coronavirus cases were discovered among employees.

Sources cite that one of the female staff members of Drakes Supermarket has tested positive to coronavirus disease. Both Drakes Supermarket and McDonald's at Fulham Gardens are located near the National Pharmacies store at Findon, which was closed yesterday due to a positive case of COVID-19. Moreover, the nearby Henley High School confirmed active cases of coronavirus disease.

John-Paul Drake, Director, Drakes Supermarket, said that the infected person is not showing any symptoms and she had not been reported to work since her last shift. The patient didn’t report to work as she was waiting for her results.

Roger Drake, Head of Drakes Supermarket, said in letter that one of the employees is in isolation and the supermarket would continue to work with its team member to safeguard their health.

Mr. Drake added that the company will continue to take all necessary precautions to safeguard their team and shoppers who enter their store. SA Health has permitted to operate the company as the risk of transmission for team members and customers are very low.

It was anticipated that the case was associated with a bunch of infections likely occurred at the Adelaide Airport among Qantas baggage handlers. The entire store will be sanitized and all employees who were in contact with that team member are advised to practice self-isolation.

Currently, Drake Supermarket is tracing the people who visited its store between this week and will ask these suspected people to seek testing.

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