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Axis Communications debuts in security market with body worn solution

Axis Communications debuts in security market with body worn solution
Axis Communications debuts in security market with body worn solution

The development and launch of new body worn solution will open up tremendous opportunities for the company to consolidate its stance in the security realm.

Shifting its focus from being an industry leader in network video, Axis Communications has reportedly announced developing and rolling out its first body worn solution globally. The body suit is apparently designed for use by law enforcement and private security.

The body solution is embedded with a robust camera, system controller, and docking station designed on an open system architecture, that enables integration with other video management systems and evidence management systems, thereby making it the world’s most flexible solution while improving the existing software investments.

As per official sources, the new Axis body worn solution features three fundamental hardware components including the camera, the camera docking station, and system controller. Evidently, the camera captures video at 1080p at nearly 30 frames per second along with the audio via a dual microphone boasting noise suppression capabilities. Moreover, the camera is deployed with dynamic range technology to ensure high image quality in even the worst light conditions. Battery power is designed to guarantee a full shift, with over 12 hours of normal usage and ability for in-car charging from a power bank.

On the other hand, system controller offers a single management and integration point giving room for fast and reliable video offloading.

Speaking on this novel innovation, the VP of Axis communication, Fredrik Nilsson reportedly cited that the company’s close connection with law enforcement and security professional has prompted it to come up with a solution which offers an open architecture to allow optimum flexibility and integration with the current systems. He further stated that rolling out this solution is the company’s next step towards innovation of a safe and smarter world as it includes all the components required for private security and law enforcement to be successful in the field.

It has been claimed that the Axis body worn solution would be made available during the second quarter of this year via the company’s standard distribution channel.

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