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ASPEED adopts VeriSilicon Hantro Video and ZSP IP in its Cupola360

ASPEED adopts VeriSilicon Hantro Video and ZSP IP in its Cupola360
ASPEED adopts VeriSilicon Hantro Video and ZSP IP in its Cupola360

VeriSilicon, a renowned Shanghai based software company, has reportedly announced that ASPEED Technology Inc, a renowned fabless IC-design firm, has adopted VeriSilicon Hantro VC8000E, the company’s video encoder as well as ZSPNano DSP for using it in its Cupola360 image processor SoC.

Cupola360 image processor is an innovative multi-image stitching system-on-chip (SoC) that is applied to various applications which includes video surveillance, 360-degree consumer cameras, automotive (dash cam), and video conferencing.

VC8000E supports H.264 and H.265 encoding standard with high-performance, low-power, and real-time specs, all essential requirements for consumer camera devices. Additionally, ZSP Nano DSP also offers full programmability and high-power efficiency along with a mature SDK for ASPEED to expand customer audio as well as voice software applications effortlessly.

Chris Lin, President & CEO, ASPEED Technology, stated that by integrating main VeriSilicon IP capabilities, the company’s Cupola360 SoC could also support top-quality H.264/H.265 image encoding and effectively apply Cupola360 in a variety of applications with high image quality like video conferencing, consumer cameras, and surveillance cameras.

Lin further stated that the company is expecting the Cupola360 series to gain more power and attention across the globe.

Weijin Dai, Executive VP & GM, Intellectual Property Division, VeriSilicon, stated that the company observes great impetus in employing high-resolution video encoding as well as low power voice/audio DSP to a wide array of consumer, automotive, industrial devices in various market segments. With the company’s production proven IP and extensively deployed SDK, its customers could get to market with leading products swiftly.

Dai further stated that close partnership with market leaders such as ASPEED would further drive the company’s video, audio, and voice technology to new pinnacles and would further extend its eco-system.

About VeriSilicon:

VeriSilicon is a software company headquartered in Shanghai, China, having over 900 employees with 10 sales and customer service offices across the globe and five research & development and design centers in China and the U.S. It offers a different customized silicon solutions, which includes video surveillance, high-definition voice and audio, IoT connectivity, high-definition video, data center, and in-vehicle infotainment.

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