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Amazon India to leverage more rail routes for faster deliveries

Amazon India to leverage more rail routes for faster deliveries
Amazon India to leverage more rail routes for faster deliveries

Amazon India, the Indian subsidiary of e-commerce giant Amazon Inc., has reportedly strengthened its partnership with the Indian Railways to facilitate faster deliveries for customers amid the global pandemic. The partnership has enabled the e-commerce giant to use 55 railway routes for the transportation of goods between cities.

Apparently, the Indian Railway has created an enhanced rail network to offer support for transportation during the nationwide lockdown. This enhanced network will help Amazon India in delivering its products across the nation and keep its business running. This move highlights yet another step towards long term collaboration between Indian Railways and Amazon India.

Abhinav Singh, Director, Amazon India Transportation Services said that the company understands the importance of supplying critical products to consumers across the nation. With the help of COVID-19 parcel special trains announced by the Indian Railways, the company can further fulfill consumers’ orders with improved speed and capacity, stated Singh, adding that the company is grateful for this apt decision by Indian Railways to offer freight transportation solutions during this pandemic.

As per sources, Indian Railways is pleased to extend its partnership with the e-commerce firm and deliver services of ’COVID-19 Parcel Special Trains’ to meet the essential needs of people across the nation. The department would continue to develop this partnership to help the industry service consumers during this challenging time.

To efficiently cater to communities and assure the safety of its associates, the company has innovated processes to prioritize the delivery of high priority products to customers. This partnership also gives people access to a more diverse selection of crucial products.

For the record, in the year 2019, Amazon India had joined forces with Indian Railways for transportation of goods on 13 lanes and had also created pickup kiosks for consumers in Mumbai and Kolkata.

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