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Altair acquires WRAP software business from WRAP International

Altair acquires WRAP software business from WRAP International
Altair acquires WRAP software business from WRAP International

Altair has recently announced its acquisition of WRAP International AP’s WRAP software business to help manage rising wireless communications.

Altair is the provider of solutions in HPC (high-performance computing), data analytics, and product development. It enables its customers to effectively compete in the connected world while ensuring a more sustainable future. On the other hand, WRAP International is an expert in telecom consultancy services, radio network planning, as well as spectrum management and monitoring.

The WRAP software, with 30 years of development (originally in Saab), covers a wide range of applications that control the radio spectrum assets to ensure maximum utilization, which includes radio planning, coverage, and interference calculations. It complements the existing WinProp, newFASANT, and Feko software of Altair for wireless network planning and propagation modeling. Its user base includes public safety organizations, broadcast operators, telecom authorities, and defense organizations.

According to James Scapa, chief executive officer & founder of Altair, the WRAP software will strategically complement the solution portfolio of the company as it aims to strengthen in areas such as wireless communications, including IoT, connectivity, and 5G. The company focuses on fulfilling the goals of customers by offering the best software. The required infrastructure to accommodate the rising wireless connection across the globe is critical. This software will become a part of the existing portfolio of Altair in high-frequency electromagnetics.

According to OIov Carlsson, WRAP’s technical director, the company’s team has also expressed excitement at joining the global technology company, Altair, that serves organizations across a range of industry segments. Since WRAP International was founded, it has developed an expertise in the field of radio network planning and spectrum management for the civil & defense organizations. The company believes that its wide number of customers, which focus on providing mission-critical communication channels for public safety, will significantly gain benefits from Altair.

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