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Airgle Revealed the Testing Data Results for AG900 Room Air Purifier

Airgle Revealed the Testing Data Results for AG900 Room Air Purifier
Airgle Revealed the Testing Data Results for AG900 Room Air Purifier

Airgle, a leading air purification systems provider, announced the testing data outcomes for the AG900 cleanroom air purifier, unveiling up to 99.999% virus reduction capabilities. This news overlaps with Airgle's announcement of its WiFi and App developments for AG900 and AG600 which makes clean are technology more efficient and convenient for all.

Airgle's top model, the AG900 was explicitly engineered to support airborne infection control at clinics, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. It will also help in removing viruses and bacteria pollutants and toxic particles down to 0.003 microns. The latest third-party testing in Japan by a university-affiliated lab has disclosed that Airgle's technology can reduce the airborne H1N1 Swine Flu virus to 99.99% in the test chamber, viral microphage to 99.999% in a 25 cubic meter test chamber, and single pass to 99.92% on a viral macrophage.

Airgle Vice President, Ralph Rathburn claimed that in every test that Airgle has conducted so far, it has surpassed testing equipment sensitivity, i.e. there is a possibility that their products can provide even higher air filtration capability. Rathburn stated that it has become essential for resorts, retailers, and businesses to proactively clean the air that they and their customers breathe. He called Airgle products as the best method for this.

The AG900 and the AG600 have similar technology and are designed to clean small and medium-sized rooms while carefully removing damaging particles down to 0.003 microns. The AG900 and the AG600 will also include App-enabled capabilities. These improvements will help it to regulate hundreds of units from a single convenient account. For large-sized corporations, it will give an extraordinary control of air quality in all clinics, business, retail, and hospitality locations.

The AG900 with App control is currently available and the AG600 with WiFi capabilities will be available from the beginning of October 2020.




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