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Aeris unveils Asset Assurance Platform offering on-demand visibility

Aeris unveils Asset Assurance Platform offering on-demand visibility
Aeris unveils Asset Assurance Platform offering on-demand visibility
  • The platform will be helping lending and auto financing firms by tracking the moving assets
  • It will help locate and retrieve a vehicle when stolen, will allow to disable it remotely
Aeris Communications, the provider of Internet of Things (IoT), recently launched an Asset Assurance Platform’ for lending and auto financing firms, along with the businesses who use third party fleet services for both their distribution and logistics requirements. Apparently, the platform will be providing on-demand visibility of all the moving assets by tracking both their utilization history and location. It will help locate a vehicle if it gets stolen while allowing to disable IoT powered assets and helping in retrieving it. Aeris Communications’ Global Chairman and CEO, Marc Jones stated that the company had been initially focusing on the insurance and finance industry and a way to help them in financing the high-value assets. Recent times have witnessed a high number of repossession losses for most commercial vehicles. Asset repossession has become a major consideration for all the financers across the automotive sector considering the secured nature of lending. Despite the ongoing slowdown within the auto industry, Jones is convinced that industry will change its course in the long term. The CEO further added that as the firm has finished its significant expansion of its Noida office, Aeris Communications has been actively building and hiring in India. It has proven to be a critical component of its global strategy. President of Aeris India, Rishi Bhatnagar said that the Asset Assurance Platform of the company has begun onboarding auto financing, insurance, and leasing companies, as well as service leading OEMs as the company's clients in Africa, India and APAC region. The platform has delivered benefits in repossession and complete asset protection to over a dozen of Aeris’ clients and proving the company's capability to be able to deliver distinct and comprehensive IoT solutions for the BFSI sector. Aeris has announced its joint venture with Volkswagen Group of America and Ventic LLC for the operations and development of vehicle platform technologies. Source Credit-

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