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Australia to invest $726 million for upgradation of Northern Airbase

Australia to invest $726 million for upgradation of Northern Airbase
Australia to invest $726 million for upgradation of Northern Airbase
  • The upgraded air base is expected to support US Air Force launch missions into Indo-Pacific.
  • Based in town of Katherine, RAAF Base Tindal would house country's new fleet of F-35 strike fighters post completion.
The Australian government has recently announced investing a remuneration of USD 726 million on the grounds of upgrading an airbase across the northern territory, RAAF Base Tindal. This development is expected to magnify Australia and the US's military armory in the Pacific. According to reliable reports, the base in town of Katherine, will be a home to country's new fleet of F-35 strike fighters, post the completion of project by the end of 2027. Moreover, it would support the country's Air Force launch missions into the Indo-Pacific. It has been claimed that a huge share of the investment, USD 737 million, would be spent on expanding the runway and building new fuel storage infrastructure to enable the base to deal with larger aircrafts like Australian refueling and US long range bombers aircrafts. Industry experts have cited a revelation claiming that RAAF Base Tindal has emerged to be known as one of Australia's most strategically vital defense precincts. Speaking on the matter, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison commented that the development of Airbase would be integral of country's alliance with the US and would potentially bolster the reach of Air Force capabilities in the Pacific. He further added that RAAF Base Tindal would be able to offer improved air support and air to air refueling, along with supporting ADF operations throughout the region. As per credible sources, this move is indicative of Australian government and Department of Defense's drive to augment its capabilities in the northern part of Australia, considering its renewed focus on the Indo-Pacific. Australia has been leveraging unchecked influence in the Pacific since a very long now which has been challenged progressively by China in the recent years. However, China has denied using financial assistance to gain power in the region. Source credit:

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