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Google Cloud announces acquisition of Cornerstone Technology

Google Cloud announces acquisition of Cornerstone Technology
Google Cloud announces acquisition of Cornerstone Technology
Google Cloud has reportedly acquired technology solution provider, Cornerstone Technology, to help users migrate their mainframe data. For the record, Cornerstone Technology helps organizations to migrate mainframe data through a highly automated process. The company helps clients to convert databases and languages to prepare applications for advanced environments.

Howard Weale, Director of Enterprise Transformation Practice, Google Cloud, said that as the industry is building applications as a set of services, most of the clients are inclined towards breaking their mainframe programs into either Java microservices or Java monoliths. This approach for application modernization is the core of the Cornerstone toolset.

Weale added that with automated processes, Cornerstone's tools could break down PL/1, Assembler or Cobol programs into services and later make them cloud-native, such as within a containerized, managed environment.

Reportedly, this deal is one of a series of acquisitions Google has completed in recent years to help consumers to migrate to the Cloud. In the previous year, Google acquired the data migration startup company, Alooma and CloudSimple, a software company that lets clients run and migrate VMware workloads natively in public clouds.

In the year 2018, Google purchased Velostrata to empower enterprise customers to transfer large-scale VM systems and workloads.

Whilst mainframes are still considered to power critical workloads, moving them to the cloud is extremely complex task for enterprises. Cornerstone is taking proactive steps to cater to this issue of enterprise clients.

Recently, Google also announced support for IBM Power Systems in its Cloud. This move would help IBM to move their legacy systems into the Cloud. Earlier this year, the company introduced premium support services and has created new partnerships with cybersecurity firms. Google recently revealed that its cloud business has hit a mark of USD10 billion annual revenue run rate.

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