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samsung Display commercializes UTG for foldable Galaxy Z Flip display

samsung Display commercializes UTG for foldable Galaxy Z Flip display
samsung Display commercializes UTG for foldable Galaxy Z Flip display
samsung Display, a leading display screens provider, has recently commercialized UTG (ultra-thin glass) technology for foldable smartphones, to accommodate evolving user demands. Samsung, whose UTG technology has been branded as “Tough, yet Tender”, is the first in the industry to undertake such an endeavor.

The Korean tech giant had been consistently working on commercializing UTG in collaboration with a fellow Korean company since 2013, to develop a material which protects display screens from scratches and scuffs.

The UTG cover, with thickness of only 30 micrometers, has been mass-produced by the company and is claimed to be more durable and scratch-resistant than conventional cover window panels. In the intensifying process of producing the durable and flexible UTG, the glass has been injected with a special material up to a certain undisclosed depth to ensure consistent hardness.

According to Samsung Display's VP of the mobile display marketing team, Dennis Choi, the company is addressing the customers’ growing needs and demands by introducing its recent flexible Samsung UTG to the existing cover window portfolio, which includes polyamide cover window. This introduction of a revolutionary new manufacturing alternative has highlighted the business practices of the South Korean firm and its dedication to achieving manufacturing excellence and technological advancement.

Samsung flexible UTG has been created for use as a cover window in the Galaxy Z flip, which is Samsung's new foldable smartphone. It features a surface with sleek texture, supple hardness, and uniform shape. The company also has plans to use the UTG in other foldable electronic devices as and when demand arises.

Samsung UTG was assessed through 200,000-fold tests and has been certified as durable, simulating reliability of extreme lifetime use by Bureau Veritas, an international certification agency, under the commission of Samsung Display. Additionally, the company has been focusing on safeguarding Samsung UTG and its existing polyimide cover window from counterfeiting and infringement by filing for trademark protection in 38 countries, which include China, the U.S., and most of the European Union.

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