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Altium transforms PCB design sharing platform with A365 Viewer

Altium transforms PCB design sharing platform with A365 Viewer
Altium transforms PCB design sharing platform with A365 Viewer
Altium Ltd., a U.S. based software company that pioneers in PCB design software, has recently launched a new cloud-based solution, dubbed A365 Viewer, that transforms the process of sharing printed circuit board designs among part suppliers, manufacturers, and designers.

As per reports, the application, which is powered by the Altium 365 cloud platform, is an advanced and innovative way to share and view electronic designs on any phone, tablet or web-enabled desktop through a browser.

Meanwhile, PCB layout, 3D visualization, and schematics offer a sophisticated eCAD experience without the need for installations or downloads. Reportedly, the A365 Viewer comes as part of the company's newly revealed Altium 365 cloud platform and cloud strategy.

With the introduction of the A365 Viewer, designers all over the world will not be reliant on using static images or PDFs to share their PCB designs. Moreover, it platform would deliver an interactive experience that also manages to retain the main relevant information which is usually lost while transferring a static file.

Apart from this, users wouldn’t require CAD tools or experience for operating on the A365 Viewer. It is developed to easily operate with diverse eCAD formats, currently supporting Altium Designer™ and Autodesk® Eagle™. As for other prominent PCB design software formats, the platform would support them in the upcoming update.

Adding on Altium 365 Viewer's experience, Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino, said that implementing the Altium 365 Viewer has substantially improved user experience while browsing through its product documentation page. Arduino's users can now seamlessly browse PCB layout, Arduino boards’ 3D models and schematics online, without installing or downloading additional files.

Prior to this news, Altium had made headlines when it introduced the latest version of its most powerful PCB design software, Altium Designer 20. In this update, the application improves on the design experience with a high-speed design, improved interactive router capabilities and quicker schematic editor.

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