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Tesla seeks regulatory approval to make long-range Model 3s in China

Tesla seeks regulatory approval to make long-range Model 3s in China
Tesla seeks regulatory approval to make long-range Model 3s in China
Tesla, the renowned US-based automotive and clean energy company, is reportedly seeking approval from the Chinese government to launch a new Model 3 variant made in China, according to a government document.

Credible sources cite, this new Model 3 variant would have a greater driving range. Like the existing Model 3 that is made in China, which boasts of a standard range of over 400 kilometers, the new variant would also be a rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

The new China-made Model 3 Long Range RWD is another version of Model 3 which was previously discontinued in the United States. The company has already manufactured more than 2,000 cars this year.

Tesla offered the Model 3 vehicle along with a Long Range battery pack and RWD (rear-wheel-drive) configuration when it first launched the Model 3 car.

However, this model was discontinued later as the company began to offer the Long Range battery together with a dual-motor AWD (all-wheel-drive) drivetrain.

Tesla, which began delivering its cars from December 2019 from the its $2 billion Tesla Shanghai factory, also sells imported Model 3s with a longer-range and an all-wheel drive across China.

The EV maker began manufacturing from its Shanghai factory on Monday following the end of an extended government holiday which was put in place owing to the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The shares of the company surged by 9% after the reopening of the Shanghai factory.

Speaking of the factory closure due to coronavirus outbreak, Xu Wei, Shanghai municipal government spokesman stated that considering the practical problems major vehicle manufacturing companies have faced during the resuming of their production activities, the government would take efforts to help automakers restart their manufacturing activities as soon as possible.

It was expected that the Tesla Shanghai factory closure would delay some Model 3 deliveries. However, this shutdown is not expected to make a significant impact on the automobile manufacturer's Q1 financial results, given that the new Shanghai factory has yet to establish itself as a major revenue contributor.

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