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YouTube to launch a feature to automatically generate video chapters

YouTube to launch a feature to automatically generate video chapters
YouTube to launch a feature to automatically generate video chapters

Renowned Google subsidiary and online video sharing platform, YouTube, has reportedly started working on a brand new feature that would help users automatically create video chapters. The firm is presently testing this feature for selected users. However, the company has not unveiled when it would officially launch this new feature yet.

On its support page, the company confirmed that it would be using ML (machine learning) for this new feature that generates video chapters. The tool is expected to work as a helping hand that would decrease the burden on creators who have to add timestamps manually at the moment.

Machine learning will be used to identify text for the auto-generation of video chapters. The company is currently testing this feature with a small number of videos, stated YouTube.

The video hosting platform had launched the video chapters feature in May of 2020. This new feature enables viewers to directly jump to a particular part they want to watch in a video. This feature might come in handy for long duration videos like interviews, round tables, explainers, and more.

However, YouTube creators have not completely embraced this new feature. This might be because the creators need to add captions and time stamps to the video chapters themselves. The description duration of video chapters might be 10 seconds.

An ML (machine learning) based video chapter feature might make it much more easier for creators to embrace the new feature. However, it is still not clear how accurate these ML tool-generated chapters will be. If it does not work right, creators might resist using it.

Meanwhile, the company is currently facing immense scrutiny regarding its existing measures to stop the spread of fake news, misleading content, as well as conspiracy theories on its platform. A consortium of US Senate Democrats is urging the firm to remove video that spread misleading and false information about elections.

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