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YouTube extends its video creation tool “Video Builder” to SMEs

YouTube extends its video creation tool “Video Builder” to SMEs
YouTube extends its video creation tool “Video Builder” to SMEs

Video content plays a crucial role for businesses to attract clients and is often considered vital in digital marketing sphere. Mid-sized as well as small-sized businesses are willing to spend more on good video campaigns to entice their consumer base. YouTube recently decided to capitalize on this market by launching its video editing tool dubbed YouTube Video Builder.

Reportedly, this video editing platform would help small enterprises to easily create short advertisements or videos by allowing anyone to make superior video content from existing video assets, still images and templates. Users can also use the huge lineup of stock music clips to create their videos.

According to reliable sources, YouTube was developing this tool for the past few months, but as the COVID-19 lockdown extends, the video-sharing company decided to make its Video Builder accessible for small and mid-sized enterprises. This would help SMEs to make more effective promotions, allowing them to capitalize on the high traffic that digital video usually offer.

Reliable reports cite that videos come as the best performing type of content on prominent social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. As a matter of fact, tweets with video often observe 10x more engagement than normal text-filled tweets. Meanwhile, on LinkedIn, viewers are 20x more probable to share video format posts than any other type of posts.

However, there are some limitations with YouTube Video Builder. While it is fully free to use, users are generally restricted to creating clips spanning up to 15 seconds in length. Besides, downloading the clips form Video Builder could be a challenge, disrupting user’s overall experience.

Even though there are a variety of easy-to-use video editing platforms, Video builder could turn out to be a better option as it is mainly optimized for YouTube.

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