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Walser launches home delivery program for remote vehicle purchasing

Walser launches home delivery program for remote vehicle purchasing
Walser launches home delivery program for remote vehicle purchasing

Walser Automotive Group has recently unveiled a new home delivery program to customers, amid coronavirus concerns. The Minnesota-based automotive firm’s new platform gives customers the options of test driving, trading in, servicing as well as purchasing vehicles, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Chief Merchandising Officer of Walser, Colton Ray has reportedly stated that the Walser to You program allows customers to remotely complete the entire purchase process for vehicles. This is a crucial advantage in times when social distancing and self-quarantines are paramount. He further added that whole most dealer groups are not very customer-centric, Walser is committed to providing an uncompromised “click & mortar“ experience, where customer can choose to shop either online or in-store.

According to Mr. Ray, this program has been in the works for some time. Walser, which has followed a business model of one person, one price for over a decade, is already integrating proprietary digital payment review tools and financing software in order to ease this process.

Mr. Ray also stated that automotive groups are not immune to the tremendous impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, with major changes occurring to their industry space. These changes have necessitated creative approaches to ensure easy, safe and comfortable services to customers, including the Walser To You program.

Chief Human Resources Officer of Walser Sherry Schultz has also stated that this program is designed to safeguard Walser employees as consumer demand continues to rise. She further commented that Walser is doing its best to ensure the safety of employees as well as to support the Wichita and Minneapolis transportation infrastructure, amid rising COVID-19 concerns.

According to estimated from the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association), nearly 1.8 million vehicle leases across the nation are due to expire between March and July. Schultz commented that the Walser To You program will help consumers, especially those working in essential service sectors, get access to transportation solutions for critical work, medical care and groceries among others, by giving them the option to buy and service their vehicles remotely.

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