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Voltalia to construct a new hydroelectric power station in French Guiana

Voltalia to construct a new hydroelectric power station in French Guiana
Voltalia to construct a new hydroelectric power station in French Guiana

Voltalia, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, is reportedly constructing a new hydroelectric project station situated in the French Guiana commune of Maripa-Soula which will eliminate importing and use of 6 million liters of diesel fuel annually.

The new 2.9-megawatt run-of-river hydroelectric power plant at Saut-Sonnelle, in the French Guiana town of Maripa-Soula, was approved by the French Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) for Voltalia to enter into a contract with EDF SEI for the sale of energy generated by it. This agreement is in force for 30 years starting in 2026, after the plant is expected to be put into service.

Estimated 12.7-gigawatt hours of hydroelectricity will be produced by the Maripa-Soula power plant annually, enough to service the area's almost 11,000 residents. It will replace the present production, which is both costly and carbon-intensive and depends on the importation of 6 million liters of diesel annually for Maripa-electrical Soula's needs.

Also, this diesel is delivered by boat, then by truck, and ultimately by canoe to this remote commune. The project calls for a yearly CO2 emission reduction of more than 18,000 tonnes.

The deployment of especially extensive environmental safeguards will mitigate the effects of this run-of-river hydropower facility. In fact, more than €1.1 million will be used to fund a program to protect the forest in the vicinity, the development of a fish spawning place, and ecological monitoring upstream and downstream of the plant (fauna, flora, sediments, and water quality).

Sebastien Clerc, CEO of Voltalia, stated that this new hydroelectric plant will utilize local and clean resources to meet the energy demands of the nearby town of Maripa-Soula.

According to Serge Anelli, the mayor of Maripa-Soula, the construction of this hydroelectric power plant, fully complies with the municipality's goals for its ecological transition as it will provide its residents with electricity derived from a nearby, renewable resource, which will significantly reduce the municipality's carbon footprint.

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