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UK to legalize e-scooters and medical drones in some test cities

UK to legalize e-scooters and medical drones in some test cities
UK to legalize e-scooters and medical drones in some test cities

Despite its public use being illegal, e-scooters are increasingly gaining prominence in the United Kingdom. With this growing trend, the government is reportedly considering plans to legalize its use along with other new transportation solutions and drone deliveries for medical supplies in the UK in the forthcoming years.

Sources cite that UK’s Department for Transport has announced a new consultation into exploring new mobility solutions such as e-cargo bikes and bringing an on-demand model to buses, leveraging drones for medical deliveries, and other public transport alternatives. The government has also declared funding of $112 million for three novel Future Transport Zones to test these transportation services.

Sources claim that the United Kingdom has lagged behind other European nations like France when it comes to taking e-scooters to the broader market, with only legal services working in closed “campus” environments.

However, this move represents noteworthy progress that the United Kingdom has made in recent years to revolutionize the transportation of the country. The announcement is expected to facilitate new businesses working in the transportation industry as well.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary, stated that the country is on the cusp of the transportation revolution. New technologies are opening new doors for people as well as goods transportation. The revolutionary Future of Transport program marks the major review of transportation laws in a generation and would pave the way for new transport technology to be tested, strengthening the nation’s position as a world-leading innovator. 

Mr. Shapps added that this review would ensure the potential impacts of a wide range of new transport solutions like e-scooters, helping to correctly inform any decisions on legalization. Funding these new Zones across the nation would help the government to safely test ground-breaking ways to get around, making a greener future transport system for the nation.

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