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UK Gov approves nine Entrust cloud-related services for G-Cloud 13

UK Gov approves nine Entrust cloud-related services for G-Cloud 13
UK Gov approves nine Entrust cloud-related services for G-Cloud 13

The UK government has reportedly approved nine cloud as well as associated support services by Entrust, a leader in payments, identities, and digital infrastructure-related solutions, for the country’s G-Cloud Framework.

As per reports, the G-Cloud platform enables UK public bodies to acquire commodity-based, pay-as-you-go cloud services through Digital Marketplace, an online catalog, on short-term, government-approved contracts.

The streamlined procurement process reinforces the government’s Cloud First policy and will play a key part in its ambition to establish a cloud-native digital architecture.

The services that will be available on the latest framework, G-Cloud 13, are:

  • Entrust nShield as a Service
  • Identity as a Service (IDaaS)
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), as either Managed PKI or PKI as a Service
  • Managed Microsoft PKI
  • Cloud support consultancy
  • Managed Root Certificate Authority
  • Managed Certificate Hub
  • SSL Certificates

With the need to authenticate the identity of people, things, and systems rapidly rising and becoming challenging, the launch of G-Cloud 13 and the above services, will enable public sector government agencies and departments to enable transactions that are secure.

The new revised platform will go live next week on November 9th, 2022.

With the addition of nShield as a Service, UK public sector organizations will be able to move their infrastructure to the cloud and continue controlling their data security through master keys secured in a hardware security module.

Robert Hann, VP, Centre of Expertise for Entrust Digital Security Solutions, stated that the company’s cloud solutions offer the capability of moving infrastructure into cloud as well as the needed security solutions along with the assurance of consistent strong controls and governance.

Hann added that Entrust will offer UK Public Sector organizations approved G-Cloud solutions, so they have a strong, secure, and scalable solution for their data protection requirements.

With the cloud-native framework, customers looking to reduce their on-premises data center footprint and expand their flexibility with a more predictable and flexible subscription payment model will be able to do so.

Moreover, through the managed and ‘as-a-Service’ solutions of Entrust, customers that do not possess their own in-house expertise will be able to leave their data protection and identity management solutions to the Entrust experts.

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