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Ubiquitome Liberty 16 Fast COVID-19 test device gains high popularity

Ubiquitome Liberty 16 Fast COVID-19 test device gains high popularity
Ubiquitome Liberty 16 Fast COVID-19 test device gains high popularity

In an effort to diagnose Coronavirus faster, several technology and pharmaceutical companies are focusing their efforts to develop new processes and test kits.

The latest addition to these efforts is Ubiquitome’s fast detection device, Liberty 16, which is rapidly gaining global popularity and demand owing to its quicker COVID-19 detection ability. Ubiquitome is a renowned genetic analysis device maker known for various devices specifically designed to detect particular viruses.

Liberty 16 is a battery-powered, handheld, and a real-time PCR (polymerase chain reaction) device that has the potential to quickly test and relay sample information through an iPhone app, with the complete process taking approximately 40 minutes.

Liberty 16 was given its name based on its ability to run 16 tests all at one time. This device is a miniature DNA photocopier. Liberty 16 can amplify particular target DNA sequences in order to show the occurrence of any DNA of interest, irrespective of the DNA being of animals, pathogens, or humans.

CEO and President of Ubiquitome, Dr. Paul Pickering stated that the UK’s top Coronavirus research team is considering utilizing Liberty 16 to test for COVID-19 in front line medical staff, global scientists have concluded that waiting over an hour for results of tests is not needed.

Dr. Pickering further added that the company has acquired the services of Dr. Susan J. Turner., who is a microbiologist with experience of more than 30 years across academic, government, and commercial sectors. Turner would take lead to explain the scientific community and governments how this device operates, the outcomes of trials in Germany and the UK, as well as the advantages of fast tracking to tackle the pandemic.

Dr. Paul Pickering is a Harvard MBA graduate and has previously held executive roles at Life Technologies | Thermo Fisher, a real-time PCR industry leader.


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